Tapas de Empanadas 'Empanada discs'
Empanadas are stuffed pastries which are traditionally oven baked or fried. They can be prepared with a variety of many delicious fillings, from meat, cheese or vegetables to any inspirational filling combining ingredients you love, the sky is the limit!
Empanadas can be served as an appetizer, snack or as a meal in their own right. They can also be served accompanied with a dipping sauce such as chimichurri.  Perfect for lunchboxes!

Although Empanadas are usually made with savoury fillings, sweet ones are also great for desserts or to accompany afternoon tea or coffee. There is an empanada for every occasion.

What makes Tapas de Empanadas so special is the 0000 (4 zeros) flour used for their production, which makes a very thin yet very flexible and pliable pastry.