Yerba Maté
Yerba maté is a traditional South American drink made from the dried leaves of an evergreen holly, Ilex paraguariensis, a native plant of South America. It is renowned for its refreshing, revitalizing and invigorating properties.

The leaves of the rainforest maté tree naturally contain 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and abundant antioxidants.

The health benefits of yerba maté go beyond mental stimulation and energy boosting, it helps increase concentration and focus, enhances mental clarity and alertness, helps the body deal with internal and external stress, boosts the immune system.

Compared to the other most commonly used stimulants in the world yerba maté delivers the most balanced energy boost.

Yerba maté has been said to offer the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate” all in one beverage.

Yerba maté is very versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways, from the traditional way with gourd and bombilla to a tea infuser or French press to a coffee machine, even an espresso maker.  It can be consumed hot, or cold, and served with milk and honey or iced with lemon and mint, the combinations are endless.

Yerba maté is also sold in tea bags so it can be prepared like tea.

The Pasteur Institute and the Paris Scientific society in 1964 concluded “it is difficult to find a plant in any area of the world equal to maté in nutritional value” and that yerba maté contains “practically all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life.”

Che Maté Tea Bags
The original maté taste in tea bags is elaborated almost the same way as regular yerba maté, with the difference that in the grinding the dust and sticks are removed, sorting and processing only the leaves.

Original Maté Tea , Maté Tea with Chai and Maté Tea with Ginger. The perfect way to enjoy the authentic revitalising herbal taste of South America’s classic drink, just add water, anytime, anywhere.