Chimichurri is a versatile blend of herbs mostly used to marinade or accompany grilled meats. The tangy, distinctive taste is a combination of red pepper flakes, garlic, parsley, oregano and basil; an indispensable ingredient in every Argentine Asado.

Chimichurri is available in ready to use presentation or dehydrated for preparation by combining the herb mix with water, oil and vinegar. It can also be sprinkled on pasta, to enhance vegetables flavours, dress salads, as a dip or even used as a rub on your food of choice.

Aji Molido

Made with different kinds of dried and ground red peppers. Mild, lightly sweet and smoky, packed with flavour. Ideal for empanadas, stews, grilled meats, fish and sauces


Used to add a vibrant colour and spicy sweet flavour to a variety of dishes.


Blend of parsley and garlic. Great complement to grilled meats, stews and sauces. Sprinkle over fries for a different seasoning touch.

Oregano from Argentina is renowned for its high pungency and distinctive flavour.
Used to flavour meat or fish dishes and is a common ingredient in sauces and dressings for salads.